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M.Sc. and Ph.D. Applicants

The Veinot Team welcomes between 2 and 4 new graduate students each academic year. Potential Applicants are encouraged to visit the University of Alberta Department of Chemistry website and follow the appropriate instructions for domestic or international students.

The Department of Chemistry has a formal policy that graduate students do not choose research supervisors prior to their arrival. The reason being is, we (the faculty) believe identifying a graduate supervisor is an important decision that should not be made merely by reading websites or papers; potential graduate students should meet face-to-face with advisors and their future group members to ensure a “good fit”. Our department is fortunate to have numerous experts in all areas of modern chemistry research making it possible for every new graduate student to work for a leader in their chosen sub-discipline.

It is very important for applicants to note that this department policy does not preclude applicants from contacting potential supervisors and inquiring about research opportunities. Prospective students should feel free contact any member of the Veinot Team, including Dr. Veinot, if they any questions about our research program or the Graduate program at U of A.