Where do our conferences take us?

Representing the Group:

Attending conferences and meetings is an important part of any scientific research endeavor. These events offer students, post-doctoral fellows, and principle investigators the opportunity to see the work other researchers first hand and converse with them face-to-face. In addition, international meetings are the perfect venue to network with future employers, PDF advisors, collaborators, as well as representatives of potential funding agencies. It is expected that Veinot Team members will represent the Group at numerous meetings during their tenure.

All members of the Veinot Team are encouraged/expected to attend and present at North American conferences including the annual Chemical Society of Canada Meeting, American Chemical Society Meetings, The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Meetings, and the Materials Research Society Meetings. In addition, Team Members frequently seize the opportunity to represent our Group at more specialized meetings around the world in locations across Europe, Asia, Australia, Mexico, and Hawaii.

Selected recent conferences where the Veinot Team has been represented include:

  • July, 2017, NANAX 8, Braga, Portugal
  • May, 2017, 100th Canadian Chemistry Conference, Toronto, ON
  • May 2017, European Materials Research Society, Strasbourg, France
  • November, 2016, ATUMS Annual Meeting, Raitenhaslach, Germany
  • June, 2016, 99th Canadian Chemistry Conference, Halifax, NS
  • March, 2016, Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • December, 2015, Pacifichem, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • November, 2015, ATUMS Kick-off meeting, Edmonton, AB
  • May 2015, European Materials Research Society, Lille, France
  • June, 2015, 98th Canadian Chemistry Conference, Ottawa, ON
  • August, 2014, 17th International Silicon Symposium, Berlin, Germany
  • June, 2014, 97th Canadian Chemistry Conference, Vancouver, BC
  • May 2014, European Materials Research Society, Lille, France
  • February, 2014, Nano Symposium, Edmonton, AB
  • May, 2013, 96th Canadian Chemistry Conference, Quebec, PQ
  • November, 2013, 2nd Nanomaterials Conference, Cancun, Mexico
  • September, 2012, 16th TUM Graduate School Auftakseminar, Herrsching, Germany
  • June, 2012, 95th Canadian Chemistry Conference, Calgary, AB
  • May, 2012, NANAX 5, Fuengirola, Spain
  • May 2012, European Materials Research Society, Strasbourg, France
  • December, 2011, 2nd Nanotoday Conference, Kona, Hawaii,
  • November, 2011, Zing Nanomaterials Conference, Cancun, Mexico
  • July, 2011, Solution-Based Synthesis of Nanomaterials and their Organization for Hybrid Device Structures, Telluride, CO, USA
  • June, 2011, 94th Canadian Chemistry Conference, Montreal, PQ
  • May, 2011, Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, San Francisco, CA. USA
  • December, 2010, Pacifichem, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • June, 2010, First International Nanotechnology Congress, Quito, Ecuador
  • April, 2010, NaNaX 4 Conference, Tutzing, Germany
  • May, 2010, 2010 Silicon Symposium, St. Louis, MO, USA
  • December, 2009, 11th Pacific Polymer Conference, Cairns, Australia
  • November, 2009, SETAC North America 30th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, USA
  • August, 2009, Fall 2009 American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition, Washington, DC, USA

If you would like to receive pdf copies of any of our recent conference presentations please contact us.