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Sarah Regli

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Hi, my name is Sarah and I have just finished my M.Sc. in the Veinot group. I am originally from Ontario but who knows where I’ll end up next! My research in the Veinot group focused on the synthesis of mesoporous silica encapsulated silicon nanocrystals for use as a drug-delivery vehicle and fluorescent imaging agent. In the Veinot group I had the opportunity to work with many different characterization tools, microscopes and lasers! On my spare time I enjoy skiing, playing sports, volunteering for chemistry outreach, and cooking!

Lydia Glover

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As the military brat of the group ‘home’ truly is where the heart is. I was born in Lahr, Germany but have spent my life in various cities and towns throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta. My studies in the Veinot group started in undergrad as a 401/403 student at the University of Alberta working on luminescent polymers. I re-joined the Veinot group in 2009, jointly supervised by Dr. Ron Cavell, to attain my Master’s degree. Currently, my research focuses on organometallic chemistry, mainly, hexanuclear copper clusters. When I am not in the lab I can be found, or not found, hiding in the woods camping, off on an adventure in a new city, or at home snuggled in a blanket with a good book. I’m the girl in the group who can synthesize a new luminescent organometallic, land a triple pirouette, and change a flat tire in less than ten minutes.

Amber Shukaliak

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Hi there! My name is Amber and I have been an undergraduate researcher in the Veinot group for a while now, graduate studies pending. It's been an extremely enjoyable experience, both because of the people in the group and the research we do. Most of the work I've done has involved silicon nanocrystals, which at the most basic level, is exciting because they luminesce (who doesn't love stuff that glows?). Aside from materials-related chemistry, I enjoy a few things including but not limited to, soccer, delicious foods and good films. Oh, and I love sleep.

De-ann Rollings

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I was part of the Veinot group from 2004-2007, doing a masters research project on the synthesis and characteristics of polysiloxane nanofibres. I really enjoyed my time spent working with Jon. I use the word with and not for Jon, because I truly felt that the group was a team where individual's ideas were supported and encouraged. Jon was always willing to let me take on whatever aspect of a project interested me and only occasionally nudged me in a different direction when I lost focus. If I was ever in a rut with my research, he always had helpful suggestions to get me going again. When it came time to finish, Jon was very supportive and helpful with job applications and reference letters. After completing my thesis, I moved to the Earth and Atmospheric Science Department at the U of A to run the SEM lab. I've spent 3 years here and now I'm about to start a new position as an engineering in training for an engineering consulting company that specializes in non-destructive testing and asset integrity/management. I would recommend anyone who is interested in nanomaterials to join the group (even if you don't know you're interested his energy is infectious). I think it speaks volumes about a professor if you are still friends with them after finishing your degree.

Dr. Janet Macdonald

Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Vanderbilt University

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After graduating from the Veinot group in 2008, I travelled to The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and conducted a post doctoral fellowship under the supervision of Uri Banin. In the summer of 2011, I moved to Nashville to start a faculty position at Vanderbilt University. My fledgling research group is focusing on nanoparticle synthesis for electrocatalytic and photocatalytic applications.

Dr. Nathan Gerein

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I received my PhD in inorganic materials chemistry from the University of Alberta in April 2007 under the supervision of Dr. Joel Haber. My doctoral research focused on the cost-effective and scalable synthesis of nanomaterials using template directed methods, and the synthesis and characterization of novel semiconductors for use in thin film photovoltaic devices. After completing my PhD I accepted a postdoctoral position in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Alberta where I continued to research low-cost photovoltaic devices under the supervision of Dr. Michael Brett. In June 2008 I accepted a teaching position at Grant MacEwan University where I taught Introductory Chemistry. Returning to research I joined the Veinot group in January 2011 where I investigated the scalable synthesis of silicon nanocrystals using a top down approach, and the potential industrial applications of these particles. I left the Veinot group in October 2011 to accept a permanent position as a Research Scientist at Hy-Power Nano.

Dr. Bryan Rowsell

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Dr. Bryan Rowsell obtained his PhD in organometallic chemistry from the University of Alberta after obtaining his B.Sc. in Physical Chemistry from McMaster University. He joined the constantly-expanding Veinot Group in 2004 as the group's first post-doctoral fellow. After working in Dr. Veinot's lab for 8 months, Dr. Rowsell entered the field of undergraduate teaching. After bouncing round BC for a couple of years, he ended up at Red Deer College in 2006, getting tenure in 2009. He currently teaches general, organic and analytical chemistry in addition to re-creating the Student Science and Engineering Society. His hobbies include cooking, music and anything that gets him out of Red Deer.

Dr. Shaune McFarlane

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When I joined the Veinot Research Group in 2004 my objective in pursuing a Ph.D was to transition from the organic/organometallic synthesis work of my M.Sc degree to application driven materials research. In other words I was interested in making functional molecules that I could put into devices and see them function. Upon fulfilling this objective in 2009 I had the opportunity to return to my alma mater as part of an international collaboration for developing new clean and renewable energy systems. This international collaboration, involving three principle investigators from the University of Manitoba and seventeen from Caltech's Powering the Planet for Chemical Innovation will be coming to an end this April 2012. As part of this team I have been able to leverage the skills garnered while working in Jon's group to develop and characterize an artificial photosynthetic membrane system fabricated from current state of the art materials and show that the current state of the art has severe limitations in terms of device performance that will require either substantial investment in the development of new materials or substantial device engineering modifications. This work was recently published as a cover article in Energy and Environmental Science in 2011.

In addition to research I have always been interested in teaching and education and have had the opportunity to teach introductory chemistry (CHEM 1300) for the International College of Manitoba (ICM), water quality analysis for civil engineers (CHEM 2560) and bioanalytical chemistry (CHEM 4590) for the University of Manitoba. I also like to be involved with students at the beginning stages of their careers so have maintained a leadership role in an outreach program, called SHArK, at an inner city local high school involving ~20 grade 11 students. The students and I work every Wednesday after school for a couple hours developing water oxidation catalysts using a high throughput combinatorial testing methodology developed by Caltech. The students love this project because they are able to interact with scientists from the university and get to be involved in real research that could potentially help solve our energy needs. While I continue to enjoy teaching and outreach It am always looking for new challenges. To this end I have set for myself the challenge of building a business/company from some of my current research. While I am not naive and know that this will be a huge challenge with an enormous number of possible road blocks that will need to be either removed or stepped over I nevertheless look forward to the challenge and learning experience I will gain from this endeavour regardless of its ultimate "success". Remember, life is not about the destination, it's about the process.

Dr. Joel Kelly

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Joel is a NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of British Columbia, studying the preparation of new photonic mesoporous materials with Dr. Mark MacLachlan.
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Dr. Guibin Ma

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I was born and raised in Shanxi Province, China. I obtained my B.Sc. and MS in chemistry from the Shanxi University. My education continued at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden where I obtained my Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry in June 2001. I am currently working in HY-Power Nano Inc as a Senior Research Office in NINT Renovation Centre. My research focused on the preparations, characterizations and applications of metal nanomaterials (such as silver and gold nanoparticles and nanoclusters in aqueous solution) as well as investigations on the environmental fate and toxicology of these metal nanoparticles.

Steve Barry

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My work with the Veinot group involved the study of nanoparticle systems containing silicon and germanium. I was interested in the relation between structure, composition, and physical properties of the particles that were formed during the thermal processing of hydrogen silsesquioxane and germanium diiodide, elemental Si and Ge precursors. Through careful control of synthetic parameters, it was possible to obtain control over the emissive properties of the particles, giving emission from the visible into the IR region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Shuai Zhou

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Hi, my name is Shuai. I was born and raised in a small village in south China. I got my B.Sc. in Chemistry from Southwest University in 2004. Then I moved to Nankai University and completed my M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry in 2007. I worked one year in Shanghai before I came to Canada in 2008. I joined the Veinot group in 2008 as the first Chinese graduate student (I am proud of that!), and I finished my M.Sc. degree in August 2011. My research project focused on synthesis and catalytic application of noble metal decorated iron nanoparticles. Currently, I work in Edmonton for Maxxam as a lab technician to provide chemical analysis for oil industry.

Dr. Colin Hessel

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Colin Hessel is currently a postdoctoral fellow working with Dr. Brian A. Korgel at the University of Texas at Austin. His current interests include the surface chemical modification of silicon and germanium nanomaterials, the use of nanomaterials in medicine, and the creation of high capacity Li ion batteries.

Michael Dang

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I was born and raised in the suburbs of the Greater Vancouver Area in British Columbia. After secondary school, I made a hop across the Rockies to Edmonton, Alberta and am now a twice-proud University of Alberta graduate. I earned a B.Sc. in Biochemistry in 2007 and a M.Sc. in Materials Chemistry in 2010. My thesis work in the Veinot Research Group was an application of the Silicon Nanocrystal project to environmental and biological systems. I had the opportunity to work in closely with other graduate students in different departments and exchange ideas with colleagues in different institutions. However, recently my career goals have changed drastically as I've put my research gloves down and returned to the lecture halls in pursuit of a Doctor of Medicine degree at St. George's University.

Marie Barnes

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My life for the most part began in the northwestern area of British Columbia known as Terrace where I lived until I was 14. I then moved to the small town Irricana in rural Alberta and graduated from Beiseker Community School in the neighboring town. I ventured to the University of Alberta in pursuit of a science degree and have since chosen Chemistry as my field of interest. I hope to one day become a well respected scientist in the field of inorganic chemistry using the skills and knowledge from my specialization degree in chemistry to develop synthetic problem solving strategies. The main focus of my work in the Veinot lab has been a combination of encapsulated silicon nanocrystals for drug delivery vehicles and a collaborative project with the Rivard group using molecular hydrides as Germanium nanocrystal precursors. I have enjoyed my time in the Veinot group and look forward to future scientific endeavors. Outside of the lab I am an avid participant in the Chemical Institute of Canada Edmonton Division, Association of Professional Chemists of Alberta and the Vice President External of the Chemistry Students' Association at the University of Alberta. Apart from science and all its glory I enjoy sports including but certainly not limited to hockey, soccer, La Crosse, ultimate Frisbee, squash, snowboarding and curling.

Dr. Rhett Clark

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I was born and raised in Carlyle, Saskatchewan and as such am a true green Rider fan. I obtained my B.Sc. in chemistry from the University of Regina. My education continued at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon where I obtained my Ph.D. in analytical chemistry in September 2008. My research focused on the speciation and kinetics of thiomolybdates as they pertain to antagonism of copper in the bovine rumen (cow stomach). As a complete change of pace, I began my post-doc in the Veinot group also in September of 2008 where my research revolves around silicon nanoparticles. Throughout my three years at the U of A I have worked on developing water soluble silicon nanoparticles and have collaborated extensively in cutting edge toxicological studies. Away from the lab I enjoy playing all manner of sports, particularly golf, hockey and, most recently, soccer.

Alex Smith

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Hey there! I've been an Edmontonian since birth, so I'm well adapted to the crazy Albertan weather. I discovered my fascination with chemistry not long after beginning an undergraduate degree at the U of A. Since then I've found synthetic chemistry to be the most interesting, especially when its of the material and/or organic sort. Outside of chemistry you're likely to find me snowboarding, playing kendama or playing music.

Adrian Murray

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I first began my doctoral studies at the University of Alberta in 2007 as a member of the Tykwinski research group, focusing on the synthesis of graphyne model compounds. When Prof. Tykwinski made the move from Alberta to the Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Prof. Veinot welcomed me into his group. In 2010 I spent a year continuing my studies with Dr. Tykwinski as a DAAD visiting researcher in Germany, after which I returned to Alberta to complete my PhD under the co-supervision of Dr. Veinot in 2012. Currently I am working as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Lanxess Inc, Butyl Rubber Research and Development, in London, Ontario.

Larissa Smith

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Hello! I am from Kamloops, BC and I am one of the three long-term undergraduate students in the Veinot lab. My senior research project was working on water-soluble silicon nanocrystals in different aqueous environments. I like terrible movies, baked goods and electroluminescent devices!

Layal Alabour

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"Hi!!!!! My name is Layal and am in my second year of civil- environmental engineering. I joined Veinot group in May 2012. I am originally from Jordan but lived most of my life in Kuwait until 2009 then I came to Canada. I enjoy swimming, ice-skating ( I'm not excellent but I can manage not to fall), and bowling. I love traveling,and watching movies and TV shows. My dream is that one day I would get super powers or become a witch (sounds crazy but I really wanna live some of my favorite movies)."

Caitlin Atkins

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I was born and raised in Provost, Alberta. I moved to Edmonton after graduating high school and am studying Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta. I am doing research with the Veinot group for the summer and am really looking forward it!

Dr. Melanie Hoffman

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I am the first student to have made it from the Old Continent into the Veinot group - having grown up in the beautiful Rhineland (Germany), where I obtained a BSc in Chemistry and Materials Science from the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, I made my first trip to Canada in 2006 to spend my last year of undergrad at the U of S, Saskatoon. I fell in love with the prairies and returned to Canada very soon to come to grad school in Edmonton. People say I'm crazy because I love our winters here, but sun and snow indeed make me feel much better than grey and rain does! I work with iron/metal hybrid nanoparticles in catalysis and am investigating different ways of synthesizing germanium nanoparticles, whilst also developing my teaching skills since I really enjoy that part of being in academics. When I'm not in the lab, I love being outdoors, preferably on horseback or skis!

Dr. Mita Dasog

Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Dalhousie University

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Hello! I was born on a cold winter evening in Saskatoon but spent my childhood years in hot Indian summers. I returned to Saskatoon to obtain my Bachelor’s degree from University of Saskatchewan and moved to Edmonton to join the Veinot group in 2009. I am currently working on my doctoral degree and I live by the saying “Winners don’t do different things but they do things differently”.

Dr. Zhenyu “Kevin” Yang

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Call me Kevin :-) My hometown Foshan is in the southern China and it is one of the birthplaces of Chinese Kungfu. However, I totally do not know that stuff. My undergraduate school is Nankai University, in the northern China. The distance is over 2000 km between these two lovely cities but it seems negligible when comparing with the 14-hour flight to Edmonton. Jon’s Si projects are very cool and the guys in this group are funny. These are two big reasons for me to stay here. Besides experiments, I also like traveling, listening traditional music and reading various historic books. Yes, I am a strange alchemist!

Kerstin Gottschling

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Hey, I’m Kerstin. I was born and raised close to Chiemsee in beautiful Bavaria, Germany. After graduating from school I made the crazy choice to study Chemistry and Biochemistry at LMU Munich, where I got my B. Sc. degree in 2013. During my M. Sc. studies at LMU, I decided to visit the Veinot group for 3 months to experience nanochemistry and materials sciences. I had an awesome stay with extraordinary people and learned not only chemistry, but also Latin dances, talking to strangers, how to handle North American public transport and more – Edmonton, you lovely winter desert!

Dr. Brenna Brown

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As many have identified from my use of such terms as "bunnyhug”, I originally hail from Saskatchewan. I have spent my life on the prairies and while the first Alberta city I lived in was Calgary (yes, I am a Flames fan), I have called the Edmonton area home for many years. I completed my Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Chemistry from the University of Alberta in 2007. My undergraduate research project was on developing a new approach to the Interrupted Nazarov Reaction, which I worked on for 16 months under the supervision of Dr. F. G. West. From there I moved on to work as a Research Assistant with the Human Metabolome Project and then as a Research Technician/Safety Manager with the Alberta Lipid Utilization Program. I joined the Veinot group in the early part of 2008 as its first organic chemist. I will be looking into the use of canola oil as feedstock for the synthesis of interesting organic materials. Outside the laboratory, I am a trained disaster management responder; I am an Irish dancer; I love to paint; and since I can’t seem to leave chemistry too far behind, I love to bake.

Alexander Dobbie

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Hallo! I'm Alex, one of the senior undergraduates at the Veinot lab. My current work is based around the synthesis and application of silicon nanocubes, including perfecting a new solid-state method that I helped discover. I grew up in a small town just east of Edmonton, but moved into the city for university. I collect old books, ski, and love chemistry and science in general.

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal

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I was born and raised in Pakistan, a country with more than hundred mountain peaks above 7,000 meters and home to the 2nd highest peak in the world (K-2). I am an engineer by training who is still learning to do Chemistry and loving the amalgamation of the two. I received my Bachelors (Punjab University) and Master's (GIK Institute) degrees in Materials Engineering and then had a brief stint as Research Associate in South Korea before coming to Canada It was in south Korea where I developed much interest in Materials Chemistry while working on Gold nanorods for biological and electronic applications. Later, I joined the University of Windsor, Ontario and obtained PhD in Chemistry in Feb 2012. During the course of my research I worked on the ligand design and synthesis of Gold nanoparticles and their nanocomposites for enhanced electrical and thermal conductivities. While in Veinot's group, I am making a switch to Si nanoparticles and will be focusing on synthesis and functionalizaiton of Si NPs for environmental toxicological studies and water contaminant remediation. That was about research, I love outdoors and in spare time do cycling and photography and I am an avid reader (no research papers please give me a break).

Yi Zhai

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Hi!! My name is Yi. I was born in Shandong, China. My hometown is the birthplace of Confucius, a famous teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher in ancient China. I obtained my B.Sc in Chemistry from the University of Alberta, 2012. I worked for two professors during my undergraduate studies. After these lab experiences, I realized that nanoscience is what I'm interested in. I joined the Veinot group as a Master student in September 2012. I love watching movies, traveling and listening to music in my free time.

Shawna Nesdoly

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HI! My name is Shawna. I’m the resident undergrad this year in the Veinot group, doing my 401/403. Currently I am working with Christina Gonzalez studying surface functionalized SiNC’s as amine detectors. I was born in Saskatchewan, raised in Alberta, and have been at the U of A since graduating from high school. Besides my obvious love for chemistry, I enjoy Pokémon & Zelda, shopping, new tattoos & piercings, and long walks on the beach.

Julian Kehrle

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Hi, my name is Julian and I am currently visiting the Veinot group at the University of Alberta. My hobbies are rock climbing, playing football, photography and just chatting with people. I studied chemistry at the Technical University Munich and also did my M.Sc. there. I have been doing my PhD in the Rieger Group since December 2012 in the field of Silicon Nanocrystals. Since the Veinot group and the Rieger group are closely cooperating I got the chance to visit the University of Alberta for research. In particular my research is about Silicon Nanocrystal hybrid materials. I already could obtain hybrid materials which show photoluminescence on the one hand and a thermo-responsive effect on the other hand. From my view it is a great experiences doing research in the Veinot Group. You will meet a lot of nice people, which never hesitate to help you. Teamwork is held high! Organization structures are different from TUM. Working in both groups - Rieger and Veinot - means fun and cooperation.

Dr. Leah Coumont

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I work on the Rationally Designed Organic Electronic Materials project. When not at the fumehood or computer, I can be found playing with my kitten Flossie, helping my niece and nephew with their science homework, painting, or walking up mountains.

Lisa Haddick

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HHi! This is Lisa. I’m an exchange student from Munich, Germany. I was born and raised in Münster, Germany. After completing my school I moved to Hamburg and did an apprenticeship as a technical assistant in biology. To face new challenges, I moved to Munich where I have been studying Chemistry since 2011. I obtained my B.Sc. in Chemistry last year. During my Masters studies, I left Germany to do a 3 months Research Internship with the Veinot Group. I joined the Veinot Group at the beginning of April and will leave beginning of July, heading toward Toronto to travel for another month and explore Canada. When I’m not busy in the lab I enjoy the Canadian food, especially doughnuts and Reese’s peanut butter cups or go jogging to avoid gaining too much weight.

Dr. Tapas Purkait

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Hi! I am Tapas Purkait. I joined the Veinot group just after finishing my PhD from Tulane University in 2012. I was born and raised in a remote village near Sundarban, 75 km from Kolkata, India. I got my BSc in chemistry from Presidency College, Calcutta and received my Master in Chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay. Then I moved to Tulane University, New Orleans, USA to pursue my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Mark Fink. I have spent my entire life in hot and humid weather either in India or in USA. However, I wouldn’t complain about winter in Edmonton. I enjoy travelling to Canadian Rockies in Alberta. My research interests include synthesis of new functional nanomaterials based on carbon, silicon, germanium, and their hybrid nanomaterials.

Dr. Christina Gonzalez

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Hi! My name is Christina and I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. It was in El Paso where I obtained both my B.S. and M.S. in Chemistry from the University of Texas at El Paso. After taking a year off and working at the El Paso Community College as a Chemistry lab tech, I decided I wanted to take a shot at obtaining my Ph.D. with an emphasis in nanotechnology. I left the extreme heat of Texas, moved to Edmonton (where I hear it gets kinda cold) and joined the Veinot research group in the fall of 2011. When I am not busy with school, I enjoy catching up on the latest celebrity gossip, watching videos on YouTube, and listening to music.

Dr. Lida Hadidi

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Hi! This is Lida from the Eastern Hemisphere! I am from Iran, Tehran. I obtained my Masters degree in Nano Chemistry from University of Tehran in February 2010. I left my country to pursue my PhD here in Canada, in Edmonton! ;) I joined the Veinot group in October 2011 and I am obviously interested in nanotechnology, especially nanoporous silica! I like travelling, dancing, listening to music, reading poems, and playing music. I play the Tar; a traditional Iranian musical instrument.

Kelsey Deutsch

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Hi! My name is Kelsey. I graduated from the University of Alberta in 2010 with a BSc in Chemistry. After graduating I moved to Vancouver and worked as a research scientist at UBC for over a year. After moving back to Edmonton I worked as an analytical lab technician. I am now a Masters student in the Veinot group. I am originally from Edmonton and somewhat used to the cold and snow. But I only tolerate the cold while snowboarding- which I try and do as often as possible in the winters here. I also enjoy eating delicious food, travelling and beaches (to escape the cold of course).

Dr. Morteza Javadi

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I was born in Mianeh, a small city in northwestern part of Iran, where I spent my childhood and high school time. I went to The University of Tabriz for bachelor of Applied Chemistry and after that, The University of Tehran as MSc student in Nanochemistry. Now, I am a PhD student in awesome Veinot Group at The University of Alberta and my mom is not worried about me anymore, because there is not any farther university in the world to my hometown. One of the interesting thing in our Group is that our boss encourages us to take time for having fun in and out of lab (maybe for safety reasons) and this is time for me to be with my family, watching movies, cooking, and doing outdoor activities.

Subha Jana

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Hi ! I am Subha (Pronounced as Subho) Jana. I am from India, the land of mysteries and diversities. I was born and brought up in a small village in west Bengal. I completed my integrated MS in chemistry from IISER Kolkata in 2016, and then joined UAlberta as a graduate student. I am new in Edmonton, so I have a lot of things to discover. Luckily, I met Jon who introduced the beauty and prospects of silicon chemistry to me and I grabbed the opportunity to work with him. Right now I am just looking at the projects and getting familiar with the laboratory environment but very soon I shall be having my own project to work on. I am a huge fan of Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Steven Wilson, Iron maiden and Led Zeppelin. In my leisure time I like to watch movies, football and cricket matches. I am always up for hiking and camping.

Dr. Philipp Kitschke

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Heya! My name is Philipp. I am a Postdoctoral-fellow (PDF) in the group of Prof. Veinot funded by the Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina. I studied Chemistry at the Technische Universität Chemnitz / Germany. My PhD thesis focused on the synthesis and characterization of organic-inorganic nanocomposites that were obtained using the concepts of twin polymerization. I was especially interested in systems that were synthesized starting from germanium-containing precursors. Amazed by the chemistry and physical properties of such nanomaterials, I am keen to study and modify the surface chemistry of germanium and silicon nanoparticles (GeQDs and SiQDs) in the laboratories of the Veinot’s group. Interfacing these group IV QDs with polymers to obtain novel functional hybrid materials for various potential applications is the big goal of my PDF. If I am not in the lab, you will find me on the mats doing judo or at the river trying to catch some fish.

Dr. Muhammad Amirul Islam

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Hi, I am Amirul, I joined the Veinot Team as a Ph.D. student in September 2012. Currently, I am working on SiNCs based catalysis and Silicon/polymer hybrid materials. My home country is Bangladesh; it is blessed with monsoon climate and is in South Asia. I received my B.Sc. and M.S. degrees from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (Bangladesh), where I worked on the photocatalytic degradation of dyes and electrocatalytic reduction of inorganic ions as well as the development of a photocatalysis and electrochemical based technology for controlling water pollution. Before coming to Canada, I was working in the analytical method development and validation department at Renata Limited, a leading Pharmaceutical Company in Bangladesh. I like playing and watching cricket as well as traveling in my free time.

Dr. Angélique Faramus

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Hi there, I am Angélique. I am originally from Brittany in France. I obtained an Erasmus Mundus European M.Sc in material science between the University of Rennes 1 (France) and the Ludwig Maximilians Universität in Munich. I did my M.Sc thesis project with Prof. Yuichi Shimakawa at Kyoto University in Japan working on solid solutions of bimetallic oxides. I then decided to join the group of Prof. Richard Tilley at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand to work on silicon and germanium nanocrystals for optoelectronic applications. After obtaining my PhD in 2014, I worked for about one year with Dr. Gideon Gouws as a research assistant in the Department of Engineering at Victoria University of Wellington, focusing on the 3D-arrangement of polymer-nanoparticles composites. In 2015, I started a first postdoc between the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) and the Université de Strasbourg (France) with Prof. Luisa De Cola. I was interested in cobalt and silicon nanoparticles for biomedical applications. Fascinated by the potential of silicon nanoparticles, I decided to further extend my international journey and joined the Veinot group to continue my research on those fantastic materials.

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Reid Erickson - 401 Research Student 2013
Maike Wahl - 401 Research Student 2013
Kathrin Bader - Exchange Research Student 2013
Mattew Sirtonski - M.Sc. 2008-2011
Michael Dang - M.Sc. 2007-2010
Eric Henderson - Ph.D. 2005-2009
Eugenia Kwok - 401 Research Student 2002
Enrico Fok - M.Sc.2003-2007
Nelson Fong - 401 Research Student 2003/NSERC Summer Student 2003
Meiling Shih - NSERC Summer Student 2003
Michelle Lockyer - NSERC Summer Student 2003
Dennis Wenger - 401 Research Student 2005
Laura Richards - NSERC Summer Student 2003
Nathalite Nadeau - Summer Student 2006
Colin Roberts - 401 Research Student 2003
Michelle Morrow - 201 Research Student 2005
Kristy Boates - NSERC Summer Student 2004
Victoria "Vickie" Russell - Research Associate May 2004 - Aug 2005

All Alumni are welcome to provide updated information. Please contact Dr. Veinot.