Visiting ATUMS Students

Tobias Helbich

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I was born in Rosenheim and studied chemistry at the Technical University of Munich, where I did my Bachelor as well as Master studies. During this time I worked as a student assistant in the labs of Prof. Kessler working on the synthesis and functionalization of peptidyl and non-peptidyl integrin ligands and their biological evaluation. I also spent two months at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) for a scientific stay in the Eppinger Group, doing research in the field of palladium catalyzed tsuji-trost reactions. After my studies I traveled for half a year through Southamerica and then started with my PhD thesis at WACKER Chair for Macromolecular Chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Rieger. I am associated with the Alberta/Technical University of Munich International Graduate School and thus, in 2016, spent half a year in this great group to work on the functionalization of silicon nanomaterials.Besides the science here, I very much enjoyed the beautiful and wild countryside while hiking through the Rockies.

Matthias Jakob

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II was born in Deggendorf, which is very close to the Bavarian forest. I studied Chemistry at the Technical University of Munich, whereas I specialized in physical and analytical chemistry during my masters program. Straight after finishing my master’s thesis I started my PhD in Prof. Heiz Group at the chair of Physical Chemistry and joined the ATUMS program. We do advanced spectroscopy on small metal nanoparticles and I’m going to investigate optical and physico-chemical properties of silicon nanoparticles over a very broad size range. As part of the ATUMS program, I visited in the Veinot group during summer 2016, which I really enjoyed, as well as amazing Canada itself.

Arzu Angi

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I am a PhD student in the Technical University of München under the supervision of Prof. Rieger. I work on surface functionalization of silicon nanocrystals with organolithium reagents and the influence of the surface groups on their optical properties. I am an associated member of ATUMS, therefore I got the opportunity to have a research stay in Edmonton in the Veinot Group.

I was born in Istanbul, Turkey and I lived there till the end of my Bachelor study in Chemistry. During my Bachelor Thesis I started to develop an interest towards nanocrystals. For my master degree, I moved to Munich, Germany and joined the Advanced Materials Science (AMS) International Master Program. I joined the group of Prof. Rieger for my master thesis, and started to work on silicon nanocrystals. Since 2015, I am working on my PhD project in the same group. In my free time I try to improve my German language skills, and I like to exercise, go to dance classes, travel and cook.

Kerstin Mayer

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II’m a PhD student at the Technical University of Munich in the group of Prof. Thomas Fässler. I´m working in the field of inorganic chemistry with distinct metal clusters in solution, the so-called Zintl anions. I try to functionalize them and to build up bigger cluster systems. I stayed my whole student days at TUM, except for a semester abroad at the University of Patras, Greece. So I was excited about the opportunity to join the ATUMS program and to stay for 6 months in Edmonton. I already enjoyed a 3-month stay at Prof. Veinot´s group. When I´m not in the lab I appreciate reading a good book or eating tasty (vegetarian) food. But I´m not only sitting and eating, I also like to go out - hiking and exploring are my favorites. Especially in foreign countries with a lot of bizarre and beautiful animals.

Reka Csiki

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I studied Bioengineering and Micro-Nanotechnology at the University of Applied Sciences Munich. I started my PhD at the Technical University of Munich, Walter Schottky Institut under the supervision of Prof. Stutzmann and Dr. Cattani-Scholz, working on the modification of different semiconductor surfaces with organic molecules. As an associated member of ATUMS I had the opportunity to join the Veinot group during my research stay 2016, where I worked on the functionalization and immobilization of silicon nanoparticles. During these great three-months I also had the chance to explore the Rockies and enjoyed the beautiful landscape and its wildlife.

Markus Pschenitza

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Hi! My name is Markus and as I’m part of the ATUMS program I got the opportunity to work in the Veinot group on the functionalization of silicon nanocrystals from April till June 2017. I really enjoyed to be part of this cool group, and also to have the chance to experience Canada’s impressive nature. Currently I’m doing my PhD at the Technical University of Munich, where I also did my Bachelor and Master studies. I work at the WACKER-Chair for Macromolecular Chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Rieger. My project is about the photocatalytic reduction of CO 2 into fuel sources. When not in the lab, I enjoy hiking, reading books, watching sports and traveling.