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My research in the Jäger group presently comprises the following projects:
  • The combined FTMW spectroscopic and ab initio investigation of the hitherto unknown van der Waals complex Ne–HCCCN (neon–ethynyl cyanide).
    This project is practically completed, and the manuscript of the corresponding publication will shortly be submitted to the J. Mol. Spectrosc. Preliminary results have been presented at the International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy in 2002; the abstract for this talk is available here.

  • The extension of this investigation by adding more rare gas atoms to the monomer. The next objects will thus be Ne2–HCCCN, Ne3–HCCCN and higher aggregations.

  • A similar investigation of the analogue helium complex He–HCCCN (helium–ethynyl cyanide).
    In this case, my share of the investigation consists mainly of the synthesis of the ethynyl cyanide and the theoretical part of the project, i. e. the ab initio calculation of the potential energy surface (cf. my research page); the spectroscopic investigation of this complex is being done by Dr. Jäger’s graduate student Wendy Topic.
    Preliminary results have been presented at the Symposium on Chemical Physics in 2002, and a more complete analysis was reported recently at the International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy in 2003; the abstract for this talk is available here.

  • A similar investigation of the analogue argon complex Ar–HCCCN (argon–ethynyl cyanide).
    This project is a co-operation with Prof. Dr. Peter Botschwina (Chair of Theoretical Chemistry, University of Göttingen (Germany)) who has contributed the theoretical part of the investigation, whereas I have been in charge of the experimental part – recording of the microwave spectrum, assignment of the rotational transitions, data analysis. The corresponding paper will be published soon in the J. Chem. Phys. (manuscript submitted).

  • The construction of a millimetre- and submillimetre-wave absorption spectrometer covering the frequency range between 177 and 1013 GHz.
    Click here for further details about this project.
Currently, my research focus is evenly divided between spectroscopic “lab work” carried out with a Molecular Beam FTMW spectrometer, quantum chemical calculations performed on a Linux computer cluster using the 2002.3 version of the MOLPRO program package and engineering work, i. e. the setup of the aforesaid mmw spectrometer.
The latter will allow measurements of both molecular rotational transitions in high J-ranges and transitions belonging to intermolecular vibrations (bending and stretching of van der Waals bonds). It will thus provide important additional information for the construction of interaction potentials by revealing interaction details farther from the equilibrium geometry of the ground state.

Moreover (and if there is any time left), I should like to continue my studies of linear carbon-chain molecules like
  • 1,3-Pentadiinylisocyanid   ( H3CCCCCNC ),

  • 1,3,5-Hexatriinylisocyanid   ( HCCCCCCNC ) and

  • even longer alkinyl isocyanides;

molecules which are of tremendous interest to radio astronomers.
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