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Chem 164/261/264 - Outlines & Assignments


Lecture Outlines

The following outlines list the major topics to be covered during this course. In addition, the outlines list readings from your text on which you should focus, as well as problems you should be practicing. Please note that each lecture outline usually covers 3 class lectures or more.

You can also download a condensed version of notes from each class. Remember, these notes are no substitute for actually attending class and taking your own notes!


  • Outlines


    Class Notes (pdf)

    Lecture Outline 1

    Nature of Chemical Bonds, Intermolecular & Intramolecular Forces, IR

    Lecture Outline 2

    Alkanes & Alkyl Halides - Isomerism & Conformations, Halogenation

  • Lecture Outline 3

    Stereochemistry, Alkyl Halide Substiutution (Sn1 & Sn2)

    Lecture Outline 4

    Alkenes & Alkynes - Addition & Elimination (E1 & E2) Reactions, Conjugated Unsaturated Systems
    Lecture Outline 5
    Alcohols, Ethers & Introduction to Carbohydrates


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