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Our labs and offices are located at W4-19, W4-20 and W4-29 in the Gunning-Lemieux Chemistry Centre in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Alberta. The group is composed of postdoctoral researchers, technicians, graduate students, undergraduate students, and the occasional high school student.

Using a variety of analytical chemistry approaches, combined with a number of imaging techniques, we are trying to understand the behavior of responsive polymers to solve problems associated with health and the environment. Specifically, we are: 1) developing novel photonic materials for sensing and biosensing; 2) developing polymer-based controlled/triggered drug delivery systems; 3) synthesizing polymers for decontaminating water; 4) building analytical instrumentation to investigate polymer-based surface coatings; 5) and fabricating photonic materials that change color in response an electric field, magnetic field, light, and/or pressure. Details about these projects and others in the Serpe Group can be found at the group’s Facebook page. No need to have a Facebook account to view the Facebook page, so feel free to visit!

If you have any questions, or are interested in joining the group, please feel free to contact Prof. Serpe at