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Be sure to check out the following helpful utilities:

  1. Mass Calculator Utilities  - calculate exact mass, peptide calculator utilities, etc.
  2. Isotope Pattern Calculator - Type in the formula and it will calculate the isotope pattern
  3. - For University of Alberta Users Only: Protein database searching and tools using Mascot.  Custom databases, N-terminal, C-terminal, and Cysteine modifications can be added upon request.
  4. Protein Prospector - Help utilites for peptides and proteins Prospector at UCSF

Commonly Observed Ions
Ever wonder what that ion was that occasionally appears in your spectrum?  If so, look at our lists of common ions that can be seen in electron impact spectra or in electrospray spectra (in PDF format).

Selected Publications:
MS analysis can provide confirmation of proposed elemental composition. In addition, MS analysis often provides a key role in solving complex structual problems or resolving complex mixtures. Please see our list of select publications to see how MS analysis may help solve your analytical problem.

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