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Directions to the CCIS Inorganic/Materials Chem Labs

You may download a PowerPoint summary or follow the instructions below.

The CCIS Inorganic/Materials Chem Labs are L1-007 and L1-008. To get to the labs from the north end of Chemistry East,

  1. Go through the doors into CCIS.

  2. Continue through several sets of doors. At the end of the corridor, continue around to the left.

  3. Walk past the Faculty of Science, Student Services Office and down the stairs in the middle of the atrium.

  4. Turn right at the bottom of the stairs and walk down the corridor through two sets of doors.

  5. Dr. Cooke’s office (L1-001) will be on your left and the labs (L1-007 and L1-008) will be on your right.

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