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Chem 333 (Inorganic Materials Chemistry) will cover the fundamentals of the synthesis, structure and properties of inorganic solids, thin films, and nanoscale materials and will be complemented with case studies of modern applications of inorganic materials. Selected topics such as catalysis, molecular and nanoparticle-based computing, telecommunications, alternative energies, superconductivity, biomedical technologies, and information storage will be discussed. Techniques for characterization and analysis of materials on the nano and atomic level will be introduced. Prerequisite: Chem 241.

The laboratory component of Chem 333 will feature representative experiments to illustrate and augment some of the topics discussed in lecture.

The Chem 333 labs usually run Tuesday - Thursday afternoons between 2-5 pm, but specific offerings may change from year to year. Click here for directions to the CCIS Inorganic/Materials Labs.

The majority of the online support for the Chem 333 labs will be delivered through eClass. However, some publicly-accessilble information is available directly from this website:

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