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Chem 243 (Advanced Inorganic Chemistry) is an extension of Chem 241 with emphasis on the bonding, structure, and reactivity of the transition-metal elements, including applications in industrial, biochemical, environmental, and materials science. Chem 243 is for Chemistry Honours and Specialization students, except by consent of the Department.

Prerequisites: Chem 241 or consent of Department.

The laboratory component of Chem 243 will feature representative experiments to illustrate and augment some of the topics discussed in lecture. The laboratory's primary goal will be to continue to develop the students' skills in the techniques conventionally used in synthetic inorganic chemistry laboratories.

Please visit the start-up page for more information regarding registration, when labs begin, lab manuals and notebooks, and what you will need to bring with you to the first laboratory period. The Chem 243 lab is CCIS L1-007.

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