Welcome to The West Group


  Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta

  E3-43, Gunning-Lemieux Chemistry Centre

  Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2G2, Canada


Left to right: Thomas Scully, Shorena Gelozia, Dr. Verner Lofstrand, Marius Constantin, Dr. Pavan Kondapi, Isaac Zeer-Wanklyn, Kunyuan (Sarah) Yang, Kyle McIntosh, Dr. Baolei Wang, Dr. Shaohui Yu, Rongrong (Mandy) Lin, Dr. Zhenhua Jia, Dr. Claudia Weilbeer, Dr.  Nargess Hosseini, Dr. Olivier Soueidan, Peter Ghaly, Ahmed Elmenoufy, Nguyet Nguyen


                                                                      Fall 2015


                                                                    Summer 2014