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The Rivard Group specializes in polymer / materials chemistry and unique and rare molecular systems.
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Eric Rivard
Associate Professor, University of Alberta, Department of Chemistry
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Contact: erivard (at) ualberta (dot) ca
Office: 4 - 243 CCIS
Phone: (780) 492-4255
Lab contact: (780) 492-4471
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Latest News

January 8, 2015 - When you are an Oilers fan/Chemist...

January, 2015 - In collaboration with Veinot group Anindya's paper has been accepted into Nanoscale! It is online now! DOI: 10.1039/C4NR05125D. Congrats, Anindya!

December, 2014 - Happy Holidays! We had a Secret Santa gift exchange, went for an awesome lunch (thanks, Eric!)...but did not take any pictures!

November 27, 2014 - Happy American Thanksgiving, Everybody!

November 2014 - Congratulations to Kate on getting her Canadian citizenship!

October 2014 - Congratulations to Gang and Paul Choi on their paper being accepted into Chemical Communications!

September 2014 - Warm welcome to Sarah and Matt, our new graduate students! As well as Derek and Nathan, our 401 students!

Occasional ThrowBackThursday (August 2014) - #TBT to the awesome people, food and fun times at the annual Rivard group potluck last summer!

August 2014 - Work hard - nap hard!

July 2014 - Welcome to Aiden, our WISEST student! Also, both Paul Senior and Anindya first-authored papers are published online! Congratulations, boys!

June 2014 - Rivard group went to CSC in Vancouver! Paul Senior, Anindya and Alyona gave talks, Melanie and Paul Junior had poster presentations, and Eric was an invited speaker!

May 2014 - Warm welcome to Brandon, our Inorganic Chemistry Exchange Program student!

April 2014 - Please check out Eric's review on the main group donor-acceptor chemistry! (DOI: 10.1039/C4DT00481G)

March 2014 - Congratulations to Gang, Alyona and Melanie as their ChemRev article is published online now!(DOI: 10.1021/cr400547x). Also, another wave of congratulations goes to Gang, William and Devon as their Angewandte paper is online now! Yay to all of us!



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