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Prospective identification of parasitic sequences in phage display screens

by Wadim Matochko, Cory S. Li, Sindy K.Y. Tang, Ratmir Derda*, Nucl. Acids Res. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkt1104

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MatLab Scripts Patched on Feb 5, 2014 (patched script can run without MatLab BioInformatic Toolbox)

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Disclaimer: the scripts in MatLab folder are designed for processing of only Ph.D. libraries described in this paper amplified using only primers described in this paper. The script will not work for any libraries or any primers. We note that scripts can be easily modified to fit any phage library of similar length (knowledge of MatLab is recommended). To attempt a modification on your own, please see some guidance here. For assistance in modification please contact Ratmir Derda (coresponding author).