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Dr. Alex Brown

Post-doctoral research associate, Emory University
Post-doctoral research associate, University of Alabama
NSERC Post-doctoral fellow, University of Bristol
Ph.D. (Chemistry), The University of Western Ontario
B.Sc. (Chemical Physics), The University of Waterloo

     Status: Professor and Associate Chair (Undergraduate)

     Office number: W4-70D Gunning/Lemieux Chemistry Centre

     Tel no: (780)-492-1854

     Fax no: (780)-492-8231

     Postal address: Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, T6G 2G2

     Email: alex.brown@ualberta.ca

     Awards:Faculty of Science Teaching Honor Roll: Students' Choice 2014 (for 2012-13)
                  Faculty of Science Teaching Honor Roll: Lifetime Member 2014
                  Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching 2013
                  Faculty of Science Award for Excellent Teaching 2012
                  GSA Graduate Student Supervisor Award 2012
                  Alberta Ingenuity New Faculty Award 2007-2009
                  Chemistry Student Association Teaching Award 2004 and 2007
                  Canadian Foundation for Innovation New Opportunities Fund Award 2003

Breaking News
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Dec. 2014 - Congratulations to Melis on passing her candidacy exam.

Nov. 2014 - Congratulations to Mohammad M. on passing his candidacy exam.

Nov. 2014 - Congratulations to Gabriel on his paper accepted into J. Chem. Phys.

Nov. 2014 - Alex visits Gabriel and Inara in Brazil.

Oct. 2014 - Congratulations to Shuai and Aliaks on their paper accepted into Chem. Comm..

Graduate student position(s) available for Fall 2015. Undergraduate student positions available for Winter 2015. If you are a chemistry student thinking about CHEM 401/403, I will be taking students for the W2105 academic terms.
See Group or contact alex.brown@ualberta.ca for details.

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